A group of women banded together for social and educational purposes.

Alpha Chi Omega

The first musical fraternity founded on October 15, 1885 by seven students in the school of music at Deapauw University in Greencastle , Indiana . Alpha Chi Omega promotes an appreciation of the fine arts and its motto is “Together Let Us Seek the Heights.” Alpha Chi Omega stand for “The first and last such fraternity.”


The first fraternity in the school of music


A term used within a women's fraternity when referring to other initiated members.


A formal invitation to join a sorority.


A pearled golden lyre worn by initiated members of Alpha Chi Omega who are in good standing.


The instrument of the Greek gods, the symbol and badge of Alpha Chi Omega


The local group of a national sorority.


The traditional, sacred ceremonies of a chapter, which are usually secret.


The ceremony in which a new member becomes a full active member.


A potential member who has a relative that is a member of a sorority.


Greek goddess and patron goddess of Alpha Chi Omega

Hera Day

March 1, a day recognized by Alpha Chis to give personal service for the happiness and well-being of others.


Community service and fundraising efforts to promote human welfare. Alpha Chi Omega's philanthropy is the fight against domestic violence.


An initiated member assigned to a new member to be her guide and counselor in all matters pertaining to the sorority.

Macdowell Month

A month to celebrate the fine arts in honor of the MacDowell Colony which was Alpha Chi Omega's first altruistic project, an artist's colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire.


Persecuting or harassing with humiliating tasks, words, or actions.


Fees for a sorority membership.

New Member

The title given to a potential member from the time she accepts a bid until the time she is actually initiated.

New Member Education

A period of time spent learning about sorority life prior to initiation.

Membership Criteria

Academic Interest, Character, Financial Responsibility, Leadership Ability, and Personal Development; the foundation upon which membership in Alpha Chi Omega is based.

Membership Status

One's standing with the sorority.


The governing body for women's sororities.